Duchess Was Hit By A Car And Broke Her Jaw, But She Still Has An Adorable Smile

A smile can do amazing things. It can make you feel better, it can encourage someone else, it can make someone's day brighter, and it can tell you if someone is happy or trying to get through the day. Can you imagine if you had your smile taken away? Everything would change. That's why no matter what your smile looks like, it is precious and so important. One kitty had every reason not to smile and though she looks a little different, she still lets her special personality shine through her grin.

Duchess was found as a stray.

She had been hit by a car, and her jaw was broken. She was brought to an animal hospital where she met Dr. Meyer and Dr. Gearheart.

Most places would have euthanized her right away.

But the vets decided to give her a chance. They wired her jaw back into place as best they could and had to remove most of her teeth.

Recovery took her about a month.

She ate by feeding tube and was on a lot of medicine. Her chances of survival were low, but her smile never ceased.

Crystal Tate was starting her first day at the clinic while Duchess was still in recovery.

"The lowest meow caught my attention; her eyes showed so much sadness but her purrs showed so much love and hope."

"Everyday I would spend time with her, petting her, talking to her... 

"...and when the doctors asked me if I could give her a home a few weeks later I knew immediately we were meant to land in each other lives."

"It was a transition for us both... 

"I had never cared for a special needs kitty and she had never experienced life as a special needs kitty but we learned together ... She's grown so much and I couldn't be prouder, from a cat whose chances of survival were at 20% to a spunky little love bug who climbs on everything and loves on everyone."

"She reminds me everyday that each day is a gift and that miracles really do happen."

Duchess could have another reconstructive surgery for her jaw, but the costs are high. Another surgery would help straighten her jaw more and improve her quality of life. Duchess's family has set up aGoFundMe Page to raise money for her medical bills. For more information on Duchess, visit her Facebook page.

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