Man Bravely Saves Humpback Whale And Gets The Greatest Thanks In Return

We don't expect whales to drown. 
We don't expect these gigantic, majestic mammals to be caught in fishers' nets and struggle to survive out there in the icy waters either, but these things do happen...
...more often than we'd like to admit. In fact, over 300,000 whales, dolphins, and porpoises die each year from being caught in nets that were never intended for them. 
Hearing James Moskito's whale rescue story provides an incredible glance into the hardships whale populations are facing each and every day. 
Moskito and other volunteers work tirelessly for five hours to save the drowning humpback whale. 
They overcome the freezing temperatures, shark-infested waters around them, and even the fear of the animal itself. They calm the whale enough to save it in one of the bravest rescues I've ever seen.
The connection between rescuer and rescued is so strong that the whale even lets him pull the rope right from its mouth. Trust is formed quickly. When the whale gets free? You reall