This Dog Gave Up His Life Trying To Rescue These People From An Earthquake

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and even species. Heroes are heroes because they put their own needs and safety aside for the sake of helping others. Heroes perform selfless acts and ask for nothing in return. Heroes, however, sometimes give up everything they have in order to save others. Sometimes that means giving up their lives.

On April 16, a magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit Ecuador.

 The quake killed 654 people and wounded more than 2,000. President Correa of Ecuador has called it a national tragedy and declared eight days of mourning.

"These have been sad days for the homeland. The country is in crisis."  

Those who survived were frantically looking for their family members, hoping they were alive. Many were still alive and able to be pulled from the wreckage.

Survivors recall what it was like when the quake began.

One girl was in her room when the shaking started and the lights flickered on and off. "Everything fell. There was dust everywhere, it was black ... My mother was hurt, and she told us she loved us. I was stuck, I couldn't move."
Those who were trapped needed a way of being found amongst the debris, and that's where the firefighters K9 rescue team took over.

Dayko worked for the Ibara fire service.

He was on the force for three and a half years, performing demonstrations and rescues, and he was greatly loved by children. After the earthquake, he worked tirelessly for several days rescuing a total of seven people by sniffing them out and bringing firefighters to their whereabouts. But soon he became exhausted and began to slow down.

He was severely dehydrated and completely worn out from the rescue.

Veterinarians worked hard to keep Dayko alive, but there was nothing they could do for him. Though he saved the lives of seven people, he was losing his own life. He passed away after a heart attack and acute respiratory failure proved too much for the tired pup.

At just four years old, Dayko had already achieved a high level of respect and honor. 

He was laid to rest and has been named a hero.
"This four legged friend gave his life in the line of duty. Thank you Dayko for your heroic efforts in Pedernales and in various emergencies where you were present."

The fire department says that there is a void left now that Dayko is gone.

"You held high the name of the K9 unit."
He was a friend to his team and everyone who met him, but a hero to the lives he saved.