These Sailors Found A Massive Carcass But Couldn't Figure Out What It Was

It's a testament to the incredible variety of the oceans that mysteries keep churning up from their depths. Just when you think we've been everywhere and found everything there is to be found, scientists and sailors alike turn up new discoveries in the vast expanse of Earth's oceans.
And there's nothing like finding something new when you already think you've found everything. It's like turning up a handful of chocolate the week after an Easter egg hunt, only better.
But the new discoveries we make these days tend to be tiny things, hidden away in remote rain forests. When something huge washes up in the middle of the ocean? Now that's exciting!
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When the Iranian Navy encountered this creature in the Persian Gulf, even their most seasoned sailors didn't know what to make of it.

And because they had never seen anything like it, they got closer and took some pictures. 

It's certainly unpleasant, whatever it is.

The thing just floated along, stinky and gross and utterly baffling.

Later, the sailors posted their pictures online.

Sounds like a mystery made for the internet, right? 

Right. So what does Reddit think these sailors found out in the ocean?

For one, it recalled a strange incident when a Japanese fishing boat brought in a strange carcass.

At first, some thought it was a prehistoric plesiosaur, but further testing showed it was a basking shark. 

Most seemed to think it was a whale's carcass, including one noted expert.

"The blackened skin and vertebrae are a good giveaway," wrote user Unidan. "I wish the pictures were a bit bigger so I could wager a guess at what kind it was, but it's hard to make out."

No matter what the creature was, you can bet there isn't a line forming to get in the water with it!

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